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Possessing a beautiful koi pond inside of the blooming koi carp also brings luck and prosperity on the operator is a great thought.

Currently, koi carp has greater than 100 versions with 13 principal types with frequent attributes like:

Koi carp have stunning styles of several dimensions, radiant shades that deliver eyes-finding in your fish tank.

Koi fish is much like all kinds of other fish using the entire body spindle process, your body is divided into 3 components: , and tail.head and body

According to the distinct types of koi fish, it will be easy to breed koi fish with distinctive qualities in good shape, size and color.

Therefore, it could be seen that individuals who adore fish but have small space can still opt for this sophisticated hobby with small koi fish.

Currently, the price of mini koi fish depends on the size and genetics of the breed, but the price varies.

With recently created koi costs about 10 to 50k / 1 fish. For the kind of koi carp about 15cm will fall close to 600k -700k/kg. For larger Koi using a measurements of about 15 to 18cm, the purchase price will cover anything from 900k to 1k1/kg.

Especially note, if their colors are special and beautiful, more unique, the price of mini koi may be slightly higher. So you can refer to buying in bulk to get the most preferential price.

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